To do this, apply compressed air from a can at and around the sensor. Allow your computer a moment to automatically install it. Put the click tension which can be found on the underside of the product to the lowest setting. Will RollerMouse work with my computer? If no contact is made Contour Design will assume intent to keep the product and charge the card given at the beginning of the trial period. Afterwards, pull both caps up and remove them. Your computer may indicate that it has found a new device and is installing it.

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If not, try the Free2 at another computer. You can call or email Contour Design, and we would be happy to send out contour shuttlepro v2 button covers to you provided your Shuttle is made in China and not Taiwan. If the problem with Roller Mouse is consistent and appears in the same shutylepro on any computer, then your RollerMouse unit is mostly likely the cause.

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Certain button customisations require the software Changes contour shuttlepro v2 button functions cannot be made without downloading the driver below, however, changes to pointer and scroll wheel speed can be made through your normal mouse control panel. You can download the file by clicking this link: Unscrew these 4 contour shuttlepro v2 to separate the board from the buttons.

Renaming the file in this folder will not change the ckntour in the driver, so you can leave this alone and rename them in the driver. You no longer need to register your product for the warranty.

Then find and open ShuttleHelper. We hope you will enjoy working with your new RollerMouse.

To do this, apply compressed air from a can at and around the sensor. Depending on the location of the Contour shuttlepro v2 dongle, it may take a couple tries to pair successfully.

It may not be a problem with contour shuttlepro v2 Free2, but the computer itself. With these few steps you are ready to go. The farther to the right the LED is the higher the tension is required to ccontour a click.

The RollerMouse Red is suitable for any workstation. This process usually takes 10 to 30 seconds.

Multimedia Controllers

contour shuttlepro v2 My cursor is moving too fast on the screen. The cursor on my RollerMouse Red is moving erratically, how can I clean the sensor? Download Shuttle Settings List. Try connecting your RollerMouse to another computer. Hold the default non-roller bar left click and oval button above the scroll wheel down until the LED lights blink.

Many older Contour Design products have a specific driver version, and all older drivers are not upgradeable. We kindly ask you to contact our customer support department here. Can contour shuttlepro v2 lock the Shuttle to one program? Product and model Model Contour shuttlepro v2. Download the file 2. Please verify if you are connecting your dongle to a USB 3. Insert the circuit ribbon cable into the black circuit board ribbon connector located on the circuit board within the tube.

A Contour shuttlepro v2 based lubricant is preferred, but a lubricant like WD40 can be used in very small amounts. Please see the list below for Mac and Windows. RollerMouse sguttlepro have different speed setting options: If not, it may be hidden.

RollerMouse Red and Red plus shutltepro the ability to switch to Mac mode contour shuttlepro v2 the driver by holding the copy and paste buttons for two seconds. Check our list of supported software HERE Your Shuttle, Your Workflow Although our driver comes with presets for all of your favorite software, no one knows your workflow better than you!

Click here to sign up for a Free v Day RollerMouse trial, or for additional information feel free to email contour shuttlepro v2, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

RollerMouse will work on Linux devices, but we do not provide technical support for this software.

The position of the sensor is shown contour shuttlepro v2. I lost some of the button covers from my ShuttlePRO v2. This applies to both Mac and Windows. Cursor has stopped moving. After allowing driver installation, you will need to restart your Mac.