It seems that the problem could be anywhere in the video system, from the video card, to the cable, to the inverter or the LCD itself. Hi Repairman I had the same symptoms as Diztek number 17 with the Satellite switched on, a quick whiz of the hard drive, nothing on screen then the little devil powered off. Or is this a Battery issue? So I formatted it using recovery CD and installed it succesfully. I found and reseated the cables to the FL Inverter board in my Toshiba Satellite P35 to try and eleviate the faint image problem. F2 key method Turn the computer on.

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I have read though most of the comments, but I did tohsiba seem to find a problem quite like mine, so here it s16 Any thoughts would be appreciated. One more thing I thought of, for a while, when I turn the computer on, it would not turn the screen on…. October toshiba satellite m45 s165, at June 5, at 6: But dont hold me to my word, wait for cj, thats the pro: Please advise and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Yet external gets awesome video. I am having the same problem Ed did in The laptop still should boot fine without video on the screeneven though the FL inverter is bad. If replacing the video cable will not help, the next step would be to replace the LCD screen of course after you checked all connections.

LEDs on the FL inverter board worked fine. Erica, May be it is just a software settings. If the laptop displays lines only on the internal LCD screen then the problem is somewhere in the display assembly. January 28, at 4: May 19, at November toshiba satellite m45 s165, at 8: When I connect to an external monitor it looks beautiful!

Hi Repair Man i have an old compaq evo nc that has not been used for a while toshiba satellite m45 s165 main battery is dead i only used ac power when working on it.

CMOS battery also know as RTC battery

I have completely disassembled the laptop I was also going satelilte to clean the heatsink and display assemblies, disconnecting and reconnecting all of toshiba satellite m45 s165 connectors. When I open computer, should I also remove memory, hard drive and etc on the bottom? How can I reactivate the old driver when I see nothing on the screen?

January 17, at 2: The cost was astronomical. If you get the same lines on an external monitor then most likely the system board is bad itself and should be replaced.

The FL inverter is getting power from the board, right? In the USA the screen would cost you about the same or even more. August 31, toehiba 6: The laptop had a faint image toshiba satellite m45 s165 the screen, the external video was fine. Connect an external monitor and restart the laptop.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

I have a Toshiba Satelight L45 Satel,ite. After that assemble the laptop and turn it on. If i depress and release lid close switch the screen toshiba satellite m45 s165 back on but then goes back to faint after a few seconds again so i know the lid close switch seems to be working ok. How do you put your laptop into hibernation or standby?

In some cases the LCD screen still satlelite be usable because after it warms up the pinkish hue can go away.

And then that whole thing will stop if the system is rebooted again. Help would be high appreciated.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

toshiba satellite m45 s165 Now plug the AC adapter and try tuning it on again. The display is very faint and when I push on the little hinge button, it beeps tozhiba the display flicker. I get no backlight at all, i have checked the lid switch and taped and did every thing i can to it i work with ps2s, and i know how them switches can be.